Cindy, Floral Design Director

Chase the world’s flowers, and Seize the world’s beauty.

After graduated from University, Cindy has dedicated to floral design, and also coached floristry lessons in Fu Jen University. She has visited and studied floristry in New York, London, Italy, Beijing, and at McQueens Flower School, England.
She also travelled to Italy, to studied wedding flower arrangement, in the Master Floral Classes, with world famous master Karen Tran.

During the period, Cindy came into contact with flowers and floristry from worldwide, and expected to bring the fragrance and beauty to everyone in the world.


The idea to floristry is
every flower bouquet deserves a story.
Different from dull mass-produced bouquets, we dedicate to create unique bouquet.
We offer customized service for your mood and story, and give you the best flower arrangement and style to memorize your wonderful moment .